I have setup some brief instances of the tasks (modules) that can be accessed online. This provides a quick and easy way to try out the tasks for yourself and get a good idea of their operation and presentation. Remember, the tasks have some degree of customisation so it is not always the case that you have to accept the settings used.



You need an installation of a java runtime (you likely already have one) on your machine. You can go here if you are unsure. You can use the tool on the java website to check if you have a version and if it is up to date.

Download the demo app. This is an executable java file (.jar).

Open the demo app and create a user account on your machine. Once this is done you can download the demo modules by clicking "add" and then selecting "tatool online module". Use the table below to select the values you need for the task module you want to try. Each one will run three trials in total each at a different set size before finishing. The code value can be any number, it will error if left blank. The code is used in an experimental setting, if I distribute this app to participants and I want them to download a module to do at home I make the module private and therefore the module will only download when the code is matched to the participant database.

Task Study No Module No Code
Digit Span 1 1 Anything
Matrix Span 1 2 Anything
Arrow Span 1 3 Anything
Operation Span 1 4 Anything
Reading Span 1 5 Anything
Symmetry Span 1 6 Anything
Rotation Span 1 7 Anything