In January the developers at tatool released a new version of the platform that aimed to build on the success of the original Java framework and make web based administration even easier. The new platform is called tatool-web and the website for this project is here. I was naturally curious about this new platform and thus began to experiment with it. I was very impressed with the platform and the relative ease of constructing tasks once I had got a grip on some basic javascript. I hava since used tatool-web to create a number of tasks as part of a new research project. I hope to eventually give them the same treatment as the WM Battery and provide documentation on each task. For now, I will provide links to demo versions of the tasks. Between these and the demo tasks you can try after signing up at tatool web you can get a good sense of what is achievable with tatool-web and a general idea of the look and feel of such tasks.

Tasks (Demos)


Working Memory / Updating

Shifting (Cognitive Flexibility)

Inhibitory Control